Event – ULI New Mexico: The Future of Cities: Land, Transit & Infrastructure (6/9/2020)

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WHEN: Tuesday, June 9, 12-1pm
WHERE: Online. Register at ULI.org
WHAT: We invite you to join ULI New Mexico at their upcoming event, The Future of Cities: Land, Transit & Infrastructure.
CREDITS: 1 CM Available (https://planning.org/events/eventsingle/9201990/)

Dale Dekker (D/P/S)
Charles Rath (RS21)
Isaac Benton (City Councilor – City of Albuquerque)
Shanna Schultz (Council Senior Planner – City of Albuquerque)

As it relates to Land, Transit & Infrastructure, what does innovation really mean in a post-COVID-19 world? What should we as a community consider and focus on regarding responsible infrastructure development? Working from home, learning from home and social distancing forced our society to become totally dependent on technology and the internet. Communities remained functional through the use of these tools. While opening back up, organizations are looking to spread out and use more outdoor and open spaces. How can we use data and lessons-learned to build upon successful urban design principles to lay out the best foundations for future cities?

Join us for a panel discussion around these concepts as they relate to real estate, transit and infrastructure. 

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