Survey: NMDOT Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

Project Overview and Purpose: NMDOT is undertaking a statewide Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP). The PSAP will provide NMDOT strategic actions for how to make pedestrians safer in New Mexico. The recommendations may include process, infrastructure, and educational recommendations. The project team will develop the recommendations from internal input, public and external stakeholder involvement, as well as national best practices. The PSAP is not an infrastructure improvement plan and will not result in a list of specific projects. NMDOT started the planning process in late 2019 and it will continue through early 2021.

Project Status: NMDOT is currently gathering public and stakeholder input for the PSAP via an online survey, and an embedded map on the project website, as well as a series of focused stakeholder interviews. Resources.

Please provide us with your feedback via the on-line survey and the interactive map (optional). The website also offers a ‘comment card’ under the Contact Us tab, and the opportunity to sign up for the project email list on the Home tab.

Next Steps: A series of virtual workshops will be held summer 2020 to provide further information on the project and to solicit additional information through real-time e-poling or a comparable format. The exact dates and times are yet to be determined, but information will be distributed to the project stakeholders once logistics are confirmed.