2020 APA-NM Awards Nominations (Updated Deadline: 8/28/2020)

You are currently viewing 2020 APA-NM Awards Nominations (Updated Deadline: 8/28/2020)

APA-NM is calling for nominations for 2020 Planning Awards!

2020 Planning Awards go to outstanding planners and planning projects throughout the state, recognizing and encouraging achievement in the field which makes a substantive contribution to quality of life through professional techniques and practices.

For more information on the nomination process and to nominate a planner, project, and/or planning team, see the criteria and forms below. The deadline has been extended to August 28th, 2020 by 5:00pm.

Submit forms (as well as any questions with contact phone number) to 2020APANMawards@gmail.com

2020 Call for Awards

Professional Planner

Other Planning Awards

NM-APA is also requesting at-large volunteers to sit on the evaluation committee. If you are interested, please email APA-NM Secretary, Rachel Hertzman at the following email address: apanmsecretary@gmail.com

Thank you.