APA UNM Event – Meet the Planners – Consulting, Immigrant Rights, and Evaluation (3/9/2021 @ 11:30am)

You are currently viewing APA UNM Event – Meet the Planners – Consulting, Immigrant Rights, and Evaluation (3/9/2021 @ 11:30am)

WHEN: March 9, 2021 – 11:30am to 1:00pm
WHERE: Zoom (https://unm.zoom.us/j/9913822132)


Meet the Planners from Enlace, Encuentro, and i2i. 

Claudia Medina, a CRP graduate, has spent the last 30 years developing non-profits and programs to strengthen communities impacted by socio-economic inequalities.  Claudia is the CEO of Transformar, a consulting firm that provides resources and coaching designed to equip mission-driven nonprofits and their leaders with the tools to achieve their visions.  She was the co-founder and executive director for close to two decades of Enlace Comunitario in Albuquerque, NM, a nonprofit providing services to Latino immigrant victims of domestic violence and engaging community members in systemic change.

Through her work Claudia has established strategic partnerships; created and managed highly effective teams; strengthened organizational capacity; built financial sustainability; developed and evaluated effective programs; coordinated and facilitated efforts among different stakeholders to achieve a common agenda, and many other tasks that have made her an effective community planner.

Andrea Plaza is a 29-year resident of New Mexico with roots in Colombia by way of North Carolina. She is a CRP and Latin American Studies graduate from 1995 and has focused her career on economic development opportunities for Latina women and immigrants. Andrea is the founding director of Encuentro, a community based non-profit with a mission to transform New Mexico into a thriving community for all of its residents by engaging with Latino immigrant families in educational and career development opportunities that build skills for economic and social justice. As part of its offerings, Encuentro provides a comprehensive Home Health Aide program tailored to the needs and experiences of Latinx immigrants as they relate to educational training, economic opportunity and leadership development.

Marah Moore is the Director of i2i Institute which is an evaluation firm for social change organizations. A graduate of CRP, she has worked extensively with Encuentro and Enlace as well as many other local organizations such as Rio Arriba County and Headstart. Her firm also works extensively with the McKnight foundation on International projects, primarily subsistence farming based collectives for economic growth in Latin America and sub Sahara Africa. 

Sandra Ortsman, owner of Sandra Ortsman LLC, is a bilingual community planner who is actively engaged in her community. Through her consulting company, she supports foundations and nonprofits to build their capacity and advance social justice within their organization, locally and at the national level. One of her primary roles is serving as the contracted co-project manager for Nusenda Foundation’s Co-op Capital Initiative, helping low-income families and entrepreneurs increase access to affordable capital. She also works with several immigrant- led and -serving local nonprofits, including Centro Savila, the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, United Voices for Newcomer Rights and Enlace Comunitario, to create strong organizational systems and to develop, fund and evaluate impactful community-based programs. Sandra also spent nine years working at Enlace Comunitario and is passionate about creating a world without violence. She taught Community Based Practice at UNM for the Spring 2020 semester. She currently serves as president of the board of directors for Encuentro, which builds the skills and civic engagement of the Latino immigrant community, is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, and a mother of two children. As a white, Jewish woman, Sandra is committed to ongoing self-reflection about how she can best leverage her systemic privileges and show up as an effective partner to BIPOC people and organizations, while mitigating harm that she may unintentionally inflict.

The event will kick off with a welcome from the Community & Regional Planning Department followed by a panel discussion and Q & A session for the audience.

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