Internship – Open Space Program Assistant (Bernalillo County)

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CLOSES: Date not provided

Mari Simbaña
Open Space Supervisor
Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Department
111 Union Square SE, Ste. 200, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone (505) 314-0386

The Bernalillo County Open Space Program Assistant is an internship position in which a student currently enrolled in an accredited university program of study will provide administrative support to Open Space staff for workshops, meetings, events, research, and monitoring, to include material preparation, organization, outreach, notification, tracking, attendance at related functions.  The Program assistant will also perform general administrative tasks to include maintaining filing system, cataloguing/scanning, compiling and organizing data, activity report preparation, and related functions; as well as maintaining and updating the volunteer database list and contact lists.The work may be conducted mostly in an outdoor environment at multiple locations around Bernalillo County.  Expected hours of work will include evening and weekend timeframes. Program Assistant will work independently and as a member of a team and must have the ability to interact effectively and professionally with other departments, co-workers, supervisors and the general public.Here’s what has worked for us and what I am looking for:

  • Self motivated; courteous; timely; organized; thorough
  • Responsive to direction
  • Good communication skills and habits (in person, phone, and email)
  • Can work independently 
  • Proper language skills
  • Writes well 
  • Asks questions when uncertain
  • Professional conduct
  • Enjoys helping people
  • Experience with customer service; public service; administrative functions

Some specific areas and projects we will work on this year:

  • Bringing our properties into zoning compliance
  • Improving Grow The Growers (agricultural training program)
  • Arenal master planning/ for stewardship and programming of this agricultural property; (tracking public outreach and engagement; research on agricultural educational public spaces)
  • Improving and increasing access to our open spaces
  • Public education ‘campaigns’ on outdoor etiquette, natural resources stewardship, health/fitness
  • Coordinating programs with other sections or agencies
  • Website updates
  • Increase frequency of Social media posts
  • Implement geocache and scavenger hunts