Plan4Health New Mexico (2017)


During the course of six months in 2017, APANM carried out the Plan4Health New Mexico initiative with funding from the American Planning Association (APA). The overarching goal of Plan4Health is to promote better coordination between planners and public health professionals at the state level, and to enable coalition building and information sharing to help communities more easily support and implement healthy living choices.

This is important because New Mexico is facing many health and planning challenges, including slow population growth (and loss in some areas), multi-generational poverty, and poor health outcomes – disparately so for some residents. Many of these challenges are directly linked to the social determinants of health in communities, which planners and public health officials have an opportunity to address through policies, practices, and projects. This assessment seeks to find ways to identify key opportunities for advancing the work of coalitions of planners and public health professionals across the state.

The Greater Community: Stories about Planning and Places in New Mexico (2010)


Every place has a story—of how it was born, how it grew, how it will continue to adapt and thrive. The Greater Community is a collection of these stories. All of the thirteen selections in this book are written by local planners who know, whether through professional or personal connection, the unique stories of a particular place. Places from throughout the state are highlighted, from the bustling heart of Albuquerque’s International District to the quiet countryside of the Mora Valley.

The 2007-2009 Board of the New Mexico Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NM) saw this project as an opportunity to bring together these stories and ideas so that citizens, planners, and local governments could learn about other communities and planning approaches. Born out of a desire to reach out to communities throughout the state and to facilitate an inclusive dialogue, this project is intended to serve as a useful tool for community planning and development.

This collection provides examples of how communities across the state have worked together to address complex issues concerning economic growth and development, historic preservation and restoration, community health and well-being. Collaboration is at the heart of this project—as is a commitment to community improvement. Story after story shows show how residents, businesses, local governments, and federal agencies have come together to plan and implement real changes in their towns and cities.