Once again, APA-NM is collaborating with our Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas partners to put on a regional virtual conference event.  The conference will consist of a virtual component (November 1st – 3rd) as well as a one-day, in-person event in Albuquerque to complement the online sessions.

1) Why virtual?

  • While we remain optimistic that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight with vaccination roll-out in progress, it is still uncertain as to when we will be able to meet in large groups offline. 
  • Since conference planning needs to begin early with financial commitments locked in, the Board did not want to make financial commitments without knowing if we will be able to meet in-person. This is why we accepted the invitation from our regional partners to once again join together and collaborate in putting together a cross-chapter regional conference accessible to all our members.
  • We are extremely excited and look forward to this being another opportunity to come together as a community of planners.

2) Where can I find more information?

3) Will scholarships be available?

  • TBD.  
  • Stay tuned for further information.